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Sunday, October 2, 2022

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August 2021 Update

Click Here for the complete PDF Update - August 021 Update

A constructability issue related to structural steel in area C, was identified in Request for Information (RFI) 144, which may impact the timeline to complete connected scopes of work. The entire project team is working to mitigate its impact. Construction progress is approximately 29% complete by contract value and 39% complete by duration.

Baker Concrete has completed the construction of stem wall foundations on the project and has continued with the pouring of slab on grade concrete in Area D and C. Stone Cold Masonry is followed closed behind and completed masonry stem walls on the project. The masons continue to construct their lifts vertically in Areas D, and E. Construction team has started the installation of commercial and detention door frames in Areas C and D. Bell Steel and their second-tier subcontractor, Magnum Co. have started erecting structural steel in area D.
Anticipated construction activities in September include:
• Continuation of Slab on Grade activities
• Continued installation of masonry walls
• Continued installation of branch plumbing and electrical conduits
• Continued installation of door frames
• Continued installation of structural steel

There have been no safety incidences to note this month. There are many overhead hazards this month, as both masonry and steel scopes continue to move vertically. Visitors to the site have been asked to stay out of Area D, which has been caution taped, in an effort to mitigate the potential for safety hazards.
There have been 55,400 safe manhours worked on the site so far.

County and Sheriff’s Office representatives have issued a Request for Qualifications to local Title 36 mental health providers and have received three responses. The responses are currently being evaluated by the County and Sheriff’s Office representatives. Interviews are expected to be held in September and a provider will be selected shortly thereafter. The provider that is selected will occupy the Connections Facility in Building E alongside the Sherriff’s Office when construction is complete.

The Construction Budget for the project is $62,846,027 and substantial completion is scheduled for August 17, 2022.
Not unlike July, August also saw precipitation levels that were higher than average. This as well as some quality control issues with the concrete scope of work has contributed to some slow downs in production rates on site.

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