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Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Yavapai County Justice Center Site Passes Environmental Inspections

Yavapai County Justice Center Site Passes Environmental Inspections

Phase I Environmental Assessment
Before breaking ground, the County hired Speedie and Associates (Speedie) to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on the site of the Yavapai County Criminal Justice Center located at 1200 Prescott Lakes Parkway in Prescott, Arizona.  The assessment was conducted in conformance with standards distributed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

The County also asked Speedie to assess the Justice Center site for other environmental conditions or risks such as the presence of cultural, archeological or historic resources,  any endangered flora and fauna, the presence of radon gas, soil vapor impacts,   environmentally significant drainage conditions, the impact of construction on any National Wilderness areas or National Wildlife Refuges, and the impact of construction under the laws and regulations governing the Clean Water Act and the Coastal Barriers Resources Act (CBRA).

Speedie’s assessment, conducted pursuant to Phase I ESA procedures and analysis, revealed no evidence of historical recognized environmental conditions (HRECs) in connection with the Property. The assessment recommended the County properly dispose of old debris remaining on the site and properly cap and abandon the old wells. The assessment found no obvious evidence of cultural, archeological or historic resources, no endangered flora and fauna, no radon gas, and no environmentally significant drainage conditions.  The Environmental Assessment Report from Speedie may be found at

ADEQ Inspection
On September 1, 2020 a resident of Yavapai County contacted the Arizona Department of Environmental Equality (ADEQ) and expressed his concern regarding environmental conditions on the Justice Center site.

On September 3, 2020, representatives of ADEQ visited the Justice Center construction site to inspect the condition of the site and the construction activity. ADEQ inspected the site in order to determine if conditions and activity on the site complied with Arizona environmental laws and regulations (ARS Titles 44 and 49, and AAC Title 18). After inspecting the Justice Center construction site, ADEQ found no deficiencies on site and determined that no further ADEQ action was necessary.

ADEQ’s inspection report may be found at


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