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Sunday, October 2, 2022

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September Update

Paving is being completed in September around the new Justice Center.  Here is a video of the beginning of that work.

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July 2022 Update

Yavapai County Justice Center Update for July 2022

The Yavapai County Justice Center, currently being built on Prescott Lakes Parkway in Prescott Arizona, is nearing its final stages.  Major Completion is still on schedule for Fall of 2022 with the building to be dedicated and occupied in early 2023. 

Most of the curbing has been completed in parking areas and the sally port, where detainees will be received, is going up on the North side of the building.  What can’t be seen is all the work going on inside.  Nearly every trade is hard at work completing the HVAC, electrical, plumbing and even some drywall and painting is underway. 

While no building projects ever goes exactly to plan, especially while combating supply chain issues during a pandemic, the new Justice Center has succeeded in staying on budget with minimal delays and no lost time due to injuries or incidents.  This is a testament to the men and women working every day to complete this project to the highest standards.  

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Yavapai County Justice Center Numbers

As of April 2022, construction on the new Yavapai County Justice Center had achieved over 150,000 Man-hours with “No Lost Time Injuries or Incidents.” 

Here are few more interesting numbers for the Justice Center:

197,884 Concrete Masonry Blocks were used.

Over 300,000 feet (or 57 miles) of Conduit have been installed.

Over 6.2 million pounds masonry products, containing over 500,000 pounds of rebar, are now a part of the Justice Center.

All of the roofing work will be completed in May and Site work (Curbs and Gutters) will begin toward the end of this month.

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Yavapai County Justice Center Hits 121,000 Man-Hours with No Lost Time Injuries or Incidents

As this past February came to a close, construction on the new Yavapai County Justice Center had achieved over 120,000 Man-hours with “No Lost Time Injuries or Incidents.”  Safety is always of first concern on any construction job but when your project is scheduled to span multiple years, and require hundreds of thousands of man hours, safety is more than a concern, it is of paramount importance.


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Topping Out Ceremony

On January 27, 2022, Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Chair, Mary Mallory hosted the Topping Out event at the Yavapai County Justice Center. There were over 150 people in attendance including most of the workers on site, Sheriff David Rhodes, Former Sheriff Scott Mascher, Board of Supervisors, Police CHiefs and CIty and Town Council memebers.

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